Where does water come from?

dreamstime_xs_1974167One of the children in my swimming class asked me this today. I had to think for a bit then I kind of remembered reading something about water being created as stars formed billions of years ago and I said water had been here about as long as the Earth has been here, hoping I was right. Then I talked vaguely about rain and clouds, ice and steam and how water can change from one thing to another but it doesn’t disappear and you can’t make it.

As we were off on this scientific, philosophical tack another little girl asked me why the water was blue, was it reflecting the sky. Then she thought for a bit and said

‘What colour is water ?’

I said it didn’t really have a colour but it looked blue because it was reflecting part of the light. Again I was sort of hoping I was right.

I knew my knowledge on both subjects was not really sufficient to explain things in a way they would understand. I had to just give them the words and let them see what they could make of it.  Some of them weren’t really listening anyway, they were too busy practising somersaults and handstands under the water, but the ones who were seemed satisfied.

Sometimes swimming lessons can be quite deep.

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