I teach swimming to people of all ages.  I specialise in helping people overcome a fear of water.

My youngest pupil to date was 8 weeks old and my oldest 89 years. I have a Amateur Swimming Association level two qualification and I am also trained as a Shaw Method swimming teacher. This blog is concerned with all aspects of swimming but it is mainly about the art and the meaning of swimming. It doesn’t have much to do with drills and laps and winning races. It has everything to do with the feeling of release and freedom that being in the water bring. I have  been teaching swimming for about ten years. Swimming has helped me through many difficult moments in my life. I believe that although the water does not solve problems, swimming does ease all troubles; mental, physical and spiritual. Swimming exercises almost the entire body – heart, lungs, and muscles – with very little joint strain.

This blog is called mindful swimming because it is about swimming in a conscious, aware fashion.

I teach in various pools in London. If you are interested in lessons please send  an e-mail to mindfulswim@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I am a terrified person wanting to learn to swim. My husband and I started a few lessons sometime ago but were disappointed as the other people in the lessons could swim and were trying to improve so the teacher had very little time for us. So I would like to change but not sure how to start.

  2. Hello. I’m 37 soon to be 38 and have a mental block about not being able to swim which has turned into a phobia for no apparent reason and I want to get over this. Where do you teach in London and do you provide 1:1 private lessons? I’m based in Belsize Park.

    Many thanks

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