???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There is a view that butterfly is a very difficult, exhausting stroke, but this need not be so.

I learned to swim butterfly using the Shaw Method and from being completely unable to swim this stroke I can now manage several lengths.

Remember the key part of any stroke is the glide. In butterfly you glide as you bring your arms over your head and your body is moving forward and slightly upwards through the water.

Important points:

  • the key to a good smooth butterfly is the undulation
  • leading from the head, and keeping the feet together you need to ripple through the water using a dolphin kick
  • the ratio of kicks to arm movements is two to one, so two kicks to one arm movement
  • count one, two and on the second kick open the arms out slowly, like unfolding your wings and bring them forwards together in front of you
  • let your head follow the movement of your arms and body
  • breathe every other stroke
  • swim slowly and evenly and you will soon build up stamina and rhythm.

Shaw Method butterfly in action click here

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