Matt Caines Sculptor

When I was researching the post on The Cave of Swimmers I came across a picture of this sculpture that uses the representation of a swimmer taken from the neolithic paintings in the cave at Wadi Sura in Egypt.

Cave of Swimmers - marble - sculptor Matt Caines

Cave of Swimmers – marble – sculptor Matt Caines

I love this piece. Here is a link to the work of the sculptor, Matt Caines, who made it.

Matt Caines Sculptor

The cave of swimmers

It seems that one of the earliest references to swimming is in these Neolithic cave paintings in Egypt. These paintings are about 10,000 years old. The swimmers are the little figures by at the bottom of this photo, by the feet of the taller figure.

The Cave of Swimmers is situated at Wadi Sura on the Gilf Kebir in south west Egypt, near the Libyan border.

Cave paintings including swimmers at Wadi Sura